Phishing Army: The Blocklist to block Phishing!

In December 2018 I launched a beautiful project, but I never talked about it on my blog! 😅 After four years I believe the time has come to do so, also because in the world there are more than 400 thousand users who daily use it!

Phishing Army is a list of domains used to spread phishing, this list is therefore essential to block and fight phishing!

Every day I work in the analysis and in the fight against phishing, in D3Lab, and this list is born of the knowledge acquired from 2016 to today.

The Phishing Army list is compatible with any Host/DNS filtering system. Therefore, thanks to a DNS block, the user will not be able to access a malicious website.

The list is compatible with Pi-hole, AdAway, Blokada, AdGuard and any other Host/DNS filtering system. And it is also included in NextDNS Threat Intelligence Feed.

Phishing Army uses CloudFlare’s CDN to share the TXT file containing the domains to be blocked faster and with greater stability.

Some data from CloudFlare’s stats:

  • Nearly 400,000 unique users have used the service in the last 30 days;
  • Nearly 7Tb of data is shared every month;
  • Nearly 4 million requests are made every month.

I’m very glad that I created this project, I thank all the supporters (you can share this project or buy me a coffee).

In the future I will probably make the project more versatile and compatible with traditional AdBlockers for Browsers (uBlock, AdBlocker, Ghostery, etc).

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