WepCrackGUI si aggiorna, raggiungendo la versione 0.7!

Ieri è stata rilasciata la relase 0.7 di WepCrackGUI interfaccia grafica dell’ormai famosa aircrack-ng.

Il change log è il seguente:

Rewrite of unbuffer in c#. Now it should be possible
to use the pre-compiled binary on any platform with a mono

New ‘Discover Essid view’:
– Supports discovery of hidden essids by brutefore or wordlist attack.
This uses ‘mdk3’ which has to be present on the system.
It can be download here:

Monitor view:
– Support entering custom essids.

Scan view:
– Implemented channel locking for airodump scanner
– Show number of stations and number of data packets when
using airodump scan

Crack view:
– Support crack with ivs files.

– Fix wpa_supplicant scan with version >= 0.6.9
– Fix file selection with file chooser buttons
– Fix crash when saving discovered key
– Correctly show connected stations in Authentication view
– Do not crash if directories in config file do not exist
– Fix updating of essid in monitor view

Per il download e per maggiori informazioni su questo software vi invitiamo a visitare questo articolo.

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