WepCrackGUI rilasciata la versione 0.9, ora in QT Gui!

Criser ha recentemente rilasciato la versione 0.9 della sua famosa veste grafica della suite aircrack-ng dedicata pertanto all’analisi delle reti wireless protette da chiave WPA e WEP.

La nuova release, come già vi avevamo anticipato, è stata completamente riscritta tramite le libreria multi-piattaforma QT Gui,  è stata aggiunta una nuova scheda denominata “Interfaces” nella quale è possibile visualizzare tutte le schede wireless associate al PC e gestirne l’abitazione o il cambio di MAC Address ed infine sono state applicate delle piccole correzioni e migliorie grafiche.

Potete procedere al download del software tramite Source Forge, mentre dopo il salto trovate il changelog integrale.

This is version 0.9.0. This is a major update.

These are the most notable changes:

– Included in the release is now a QT gui. Please note that due to bugs in earlier versions of the qyoto library, this should only be used on systems with a recent qyoto library like 4.5.1+. This is the case in Ubuntu 10.10.

– A new tab called “Interfaces” has been added. It shows all available interfaces and gives the ability to change the mac address and switch between interfaces. Note that it is hidden by default and must be enabled with Options->Preferences->Show tab for all interfaces.

Various other changes:
– configs are now all saved into one directory so that they not clutter the main directory.

– If crunch or mdk3 is not installed, it will now be shown as a warning instead of an error. WepCrackGui runs fine without them, so no reason to fear noobs.

– completely rewrite of the way programs are started. It should now be more stable.

– Selecting a network in the Network tab now selects it as the current network. This means cracking can immediately be restarted on a previously seen network.

– The scan view now removes access points not seen for some time from the list.

– The network list in the Network tab is now automatically updated. Thus, the refresh button has been removed.

– In the crack tab, a detailed message about what is missing to successfully crack the AP is shown.  (e.g. handshake missing, no IVS captured…)

Various fixes:
– Fixed the status of the arp replay attack
– Fixed URL of driver-not-patched error message
– Stations are now immediately added to the station list, so that deauthentication can start immediately
– Fix scanning with iwlist if not root
– Fix a crash when the interface description could not be read

This is version 0.9.1. This is a translation and bugfix release.

These are the most notable changes:

– Fixed support for BackTrack 4 which was broken in 0.9.0

– Added russian translation ( thanks to SunWind )

Various other changes:
– File sizes and number of IVs are now automatically updated
in the networks tab.

Various fixes:
– Fixed a null reference exception when a key was found

– Fixed a condition where the wrong path for capture files was used
when cracking

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