WepCrackGUI arriva alla versione 0.8

WepCrackGUI riceve  l’ennesimo aggiornamento, raggiungendo la versione 0.8 notevole lo sviluppo di questo software che integra sempre in una semplice interfaccia GUI i migliori software dedicati al Wardriving.

Potete trovare maggiori dettagli sul software in questo articolo, inoltre vi anticipiamo che a breve sarà disponibile una nostra guida in Italiano.

Dopo il salto in change log…

Change Log

This is version 0.8, it’s a major update.
These are the most notable changes:

Pseudo terminal support:
– Detection is made more stable.
– Should now work on more platforms.
– Better fallbacks if not available.

– Now works without aircrack-ng being installed by using
the iwlist scanner

Attack view:
– Added message views to see detailed output from aireplay-ng

– Save and show hex and ascii values for cracked keys
– Added a message window to show output from aircrack-ng

Network view:
– Also show cracked keys from external capture files.

– Added an about dialog
– Saving size of main window
– Faster startup because of splitting the gui-part from the
controller part internally.
– Better error message if mdk3 is not installed
– Monitor now restarts on interface change

– Textviews now correctly scroll to end when new output arrives and
stop automatically scrolling if user scrolls window up
– Fix synchronisation issue in iwlist scann
– Fix crash in Network view when deleting files

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