Ubiquiti Rilascia la versione definitiva dell’AirOS 5.2!

Ubiquiti ha rilasciato nella nottata la versione definitiva dell’AirOS 5.2 terminando così la fase beta del rilascio di questa versione permettendo a tutti di upgradare il proprio firmware evitando di incorrere in qualche BUG.

E’ possibile scaricare la relase 5.2 ufficiale al seguente link, inoltre vi ricordiamo che potete osservare tutte le nuove funzioni di questo OS nel nostro precedente articolo.

Trovate, dopo il salto, il change log definitivo con tutte nel novità ed eventuali bug fixed!

Version 5.2 – Final Release (May 17, 2010)


– New: Speed test tool
– New: AirView tool (Spectrum Analyzer mode)
– New: Routing scenario: Network mode “Soho Router”
– New: NanoStation M5/M2 Second Ethernet port functionality — now it is possible to bridge with wireless port
– New: Antenna gain and cable loss fields for compliance
– New: AirMax ON in default configuration
– New: Intelligent GUI improvement
– New: Console agent: Restore active heartbeat connections after firmware upgrade
– New: Report 802.11 information messages into syslog
– New: Improve ACL rules management: increase max MAC ACL entry count to 32
– New: Remove DFS 5250-5350 frequency for US country code (all M series products)

Improvements/Change requests:

– CCR: RADIUS client support in AP mode
– CCR: PEAP/MSCHAPv2 support
– CCR: Add static routes via WEB UI
– CCR: Show Station and AP IP address
– CCR: Hide WPA password with “*”
– CCR: Ability to de-associate station from Station list via WEB UI
– CCR: Add support for SSH authorized keys in configuration file
– CCR: Change apply configuration logic
– CCR: Missing ppp0 interface information on Main page, when PPPoE session is initialized
– CCR: Add System Startup Time/Date field (critical for 802.1x supplicant)
– CCR: Allow ping when device is in TFTP recovery mode
– CCR: Include PPTP/GRE NAT modules
– CCR: Add MAC clone/change option for WAN interface when operating in SOHO router mode
– CCR: Report AirMax priority and AMQ/AMC in Station detail
– CCR: Speed test: Show total throughput (RX + TX)
– CCR: Make IP address in stations list as hyperlink
– CCR: GUI: Show/hide Traffic shaping configuration
– CCR: GUI: Add option to enable/disable NAT modules on router: SIP, PPTP, FTP, RTSP
– Improvement: Speed test: resolves TX/RX difference
– Improvement: In memory allocation


– Fix: TX Power improvement for NanoBridge M5, AirGrid M5, NanoStation Loco M5, Bullet M2, Rocket M2, NanoStation M2, NanoBridge M2
– Fix: Chain signal mismatch on reported signal strength/ Power control for M5 2×2 chain devices
– Fix: Sometimes Auto ACK values gets too high
– Fix: Max power level for Australia
– Fix: Speed test + AirMax PtP No Ack combination crashes AP
– Fix: Traffic Shaping is not functional except Soho Router mode
– Fix: Traffic Shaping Burst is for functional
– Fix: WPA security : Sometimes station is disassociated from AP
– Fix: Broadcast traffic is duplicated on AP-WDS
– Fix: NAT protocols state changes when changing security
– Fix: SNMP wrong OID type: Disallow port range as destination (to private subnet)
– Fix: SNMP reports incorrect wireless stats
– Fix: Station can not connect to AP (MAC Locked) if it was connected to another AP with the same SSID
– Fix: Signal reporting
– Fix: Improve noise level calculation
– Fix: Noise floor is too aggressive
– Fix: Auto ACK on AP
– Fix: No more trimmed channels on Compliance country code

– Fix: Airmax: PTMP ping loss issue after beta6
– Fix: AirMax: PTPNack AMQ/AMC fluctuation
– Fix: AirMax: PTP and PTMP enhancements (latency)\

– Fix: Airview: Sometimes switching back to normal operating mode is endless

– GUI fix: Problems with WPA PSK paraphrase: old value is displayed, new value is not saved
– GUI fix: Sometime Device name in not reported in Stations list
– GUI fix: Do not show clients as connected when authentication key is not valid
– GUI fix: Test mode. Timing is no so precise as stated in the warning message
– GUI fix: Need correctly display ACK/Distance when AirMax and PtPNoACK mode is enabled
– GUI fix: Name -> Device Name
– GUI fix: Grammar error in warning message
– GUI fix: MCS1 is always reported in AP/Station statistics
– Fix: IE8 and WEB UI errors

– Fix: Frequency list issue fix for counties:
South Africa
Sri Lanka

Known issue:
– Limitation from HW: MCS13 does not work with WEP/WPA/WPA2/WPA-TKIP/WPA2-TKIP security — MCS 13 removed from WEB UI

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