Ubiquiti ha rilasciato da pochissime ore la versione 5.2.1 del sui AirOS che implementa il supporto alle nuove piattaforme Rocket  e NanoStation da 900Mhz e 3,65Ghz  ed infine risolve alcuni problemi presenti nella precedente relase.

E’ possibile effettuare il download del nuovo firmware sul sito ufficiale, dopo il salto vi proponiamo il change log integrale.

AirOS V Firmware Revision History
Supported products

* Bullet M
* Rocket M
* NanoStation M
* AirGrid M
* NanoBridge M
* PowerBridge M
* PicoStation M
* NanoStation Loco M
* AirRouter
* PowerAP N
* Rocket M365
* Rocket M900
* NanoStation M365
* NanoStation Loco M900

Version 5.2.1 – Service Release (September 13, 2010)

– New: Rocket M365 support
– New: Rocket M900 support
– New: NanoStation M365 support
– New: NanoStation Loco M900 support

Improvements/Change requests:
– Improvement: DFS functionality enhancements
– Improvement: Improve 10/5MHz channel width stability
– Improvement: IGMP proxy
– Improvement: Multicast traffic
– CCR: Increase maximum allowed DHCP server lease time to 48h
– CCR: Allow more than 128 associations with security off
– CCR: Add GUI option to disable reset button. Prevents from accidental configuration reset to factory defaults

– Fix: AirMax: Packet loss just after client association to the AirMax AP
– Fix: AirMax: STA Transmission Queue stuck, need a reset

– Fix: AP wireless stops operating
– Fix: Station stays connected to AP, but no wireless traffic is available
– Fix: Multicast enhancement does not handle VLAN tagged traffic
– Fix: AutoACK calculation issue specific for NanoBridge M5/AirGrid M5/NanoStation Loco M5 devices
– Fix: AutoACK on AP calculates incorrect values to 802.11 b-only stations
– Fix: Ipod iTouch freezes Internet connection for laptops, which have Intel wireless radios
– Fix: AP is using the lowest TX rate (6Mbps), when communicating with 802.11 a/b/g Stations and using WEP/WPA-TKIP/WPA2-TKIP security
– Fix: AP scans only upper or lower channels in 40 MHz channel width
– Fix: AP(WDS) in 40 MHz channel width can connect AP(WDS) in 20 MHz channel width
– Fix: MAC Address change in Station-Router mode results WPA failure
– Fix: Devices behind STA-WDS in PtMP network, sometimes becomes unreachable
– Fix: PowerAP N WLAN LED is not shining when RSSI level is less than 30
– Fix: MAX EIRP 36dBm for 2.4GHz band in Australia
– Fix: SNMP: Report correct IF-MIB interface speed OID values

– Fix: AirView: Application does not return scan results on NanoBridge M2/NanoStation Loco M2

– AirControl Agent: Restore console reporting after wireless association is restored
– AirControl Agent: Report association time
– AirControl Agent: Odd behavior with discovery response
– AirControl Agent: Ping is not restoring connection when AirControl server is unreachable on startup

– GUI fix: Status and Site survey pages fails to render if SSID has escape character(s)
– GUI fix: Speed Test fails if using special symbols in password
– GUI fix: Speed tests doesn’t work if HTTPS port has been changed
– GUI fix: When disabling scan list, previously selected channels are unchecked
– GUI fix: new Chrome-BETA conflicts with Web UI validation framework
– GUI fix: Fixed rates uses SGI(400 ns) rate table
– GUI fix: Read only user can access device configuration file
– GUI fix: Sometimes Station list is empty
– GUI fix: Show static routes in Main page, when operating in Bridge mode
– GUI fix: Special Char escaping required for SNMP settings
– GUI fix: Destination IP field validation is missing

Known issues:
– Sometimes Station disassociates during WPA/WPA2 group key exchange

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