Ubiquiti Rilascia il Firmware 5.3 e Avvia il Beta Program

Ubiquiti ha rilasciato il 14 Gennaio 2011 la versione 5.3 del suo firmware per la gestione della sua gamma di apparati Wireless, introduce la compatibilità con i nuovi prodotti (NanoBridge e 3G Station), delle nuove funzioni tra cui AirSelect che permette di selezionare automaticamente il canale per la trasmissione del segnale Wireless ed infine delle ovvie correzioni al precedente firmware.

Inoltre le future versioni Firmware Beta non verranno più diffuse pubblicamente, per evitare incomprensioni con utenti meno esperti, è pertanto richiesta la registrazione al Beta Program per accedere al download dei firmware di test.

Dopo il salto troverete il change log integrale del Firmware 5.3 in lingua inglese…

Version 5.3 – Final Release (January 14, 2011)

New product support:
– New: 3G Station product support
– New: NanoBridge M365 support
– New: NanoBridge M900 support
– New: NanoBridge M3 support

New functionality:
– New: AirSelect
– New: VLAN tagging: one VLAN per device
– New: Low TX power mode for Rocket M5/Rocket M2
– New: DFS enabled by default for all 5GHz products
– New: Discovery Tool
– New: Ubiquiti Logo Tab
– New: Remove outside 5745-5825 MHz frequency channels for US country (all M series devices)
– New: NanoStation Loco M900: external and internal antenna support scenario
– New: Ability to enter device location (for AirControl server)

– AirControl agent: Support for GPS location reporting
– AirControl agent: Support for latency reporting
– AirControl agent: Configuration changed indicator
– AirControl agent: Report network adapter status/speed

Improvement/Change requests:
– CCR: Add Auto Frequency functionality (AP/AP WDS mode)
– CCR: Jumbo frames support (maximum allowed MTU is 1518 bytes of data)
– CCR: Remove Device name 14 characters limit
– CCR: Sensitivity threshold settings for wireless clients
– CCR: Add possibility to configure DNS address in DHCP server configuration
– CCR: Port Forwarding should support Source IP/mask criteria
– CCR: Dynamic DNS support
– CCR: Improve Firewall rules with ACCEPT
– CCR: Ability to turn auto discovery off under Ubiquiti logo tab/AirControl
– CCR: Remove Refresh button from Main page as it already have auto refresh function
– CCR: New regulatory rules for Germany (5755-5875MHz frequencies removed)
– CCR: Lock to AP MAC functionality for Station/Station WDS
– CCR: Make all columns in Stations list sortable
– CCR: Report negotiated Ethernet port speed on Main page
– CCR: Singapore frequency range changes (remove outside 5725-5850 MHz frequency channels according Regulatory Rules)
– CCR: Turkey frequency range changes (add 5470-5725 MHz frequency channels according Regulatory Rules)

– Improvement: WPA/WPA2 EAP-TTLS improvements
– Improvement: Connection stability improvement when using WPA/WPA2 security
– Improvement: Wireless driver improvements, when communicating to mobile devices using Power Saving
– Improvement: Functionality set for Indoor products (ability to turn on/off AirMax technology features)
– Improvement: DMZ configuration to allow more control over management ports

– AirMax: PPPoE latency in PtMP network with more than 22 clients connected to AP
– AirMax: ICMP ping doesn’t pass wireless link
– AirMax: Big delay when transmitting IGMP packets
– AirMax: TX Data rate gets stuck on 81 Mbps, when using No ACK mode for PtP and 40MHz channel width #1618
– AirMax: Voice quality issues in PtMP network

– Fix: Double Auth/Assoc using WPA/WPA2 security when connecting to the AP
– Fix: STA disassociation during WPA/WPA2 group key exchange (affects AES and TKIP security)
– Fix: No connection or persistent station disassociation when at least one station is connected with low RSSI
– Fix: Enabling Client isolation inflicts AP WDS (repeaters) to stop talk with neighborhood AP WDS
– Fix: Intel clients are de-authenticated during rekeying
– Fix: Stability improvements when more than 8 clients connected and some of them are using power save mode
– Fix: Improved power saving handling (Nokia, HTC phones)
– Fix: PS Poll problems
– Fix: MAC changing doesn’t work in AP (Router/SOHO Router) mode
– Fix: Throughput slowdown for 2.4 GHz Station when to the same AP is connected at least one AP-WDS peer
– Fix: Previously configured default gateway isn’t disabled when WAN interface is configured to obtain IP settings from DHCP server (SOHO Router mode)
– Fix: Ukraine is missing in Country Code list
– Fix: Enable obey regulatory rules in default configuration for PowerAP N/AirRouter
– Fix: Sometimes devices behind STA-WDS are not reachable from AP-WDS LAN side
– Fix: Auto IP aliasing doesn’t set IP address if DHCP client is enabled
– Fix: In AP Router or SOHO-Router mode LAN interface can’t be disabled if DHCP client is running on it
– Fix: Auto IP aliasing duplicates and is incorrect
– Fix: DHCP Fallback IP is not removed after getting IP from DHCP server
– Fix: Improved wireless client roaming between AP-WDS peers
– Fix: Channel list is required on AP/AP-WDS when enabling DFS
– Fix: Multicast traffic doesn’t pass PtP link, when client is using IGMPv3 reports
– Fix: Ebtables module should support VLAN criteria
– Fix: Low Data Rates and CCQ value when link is idle
– Fix: After upgrade DHCP server serves LAN IP as DNS server when DNS proxy is disabled
– Fix: NTP client request interval should be tuned for DHCP Client use case

– Fix: Auto ACK miscalculation, when connected to 802.11a/b/g devices operating in HT5/HT10 channel width
– Fix: Auto ACK calculates incorrect value for very short distance

– Fix: PPPoE client hold off time is not correct
– Fix: PPPoE client is not restoring session after wireless link connection loss
– Fix: Send proper disconnect command to PPPoE server when restarting PPPoE session
– Fix: ARPNAT and PPPoE relay issue

– Fix: AirControl agent: Location values are not reported to AirControl Server

– Fix: DFS: AP doesn’t restore operation after 30 min silence
– Fix: DFS: Remove Radar detection capability on STA mode when operating up to 200mW EIRP

– GUI fix: Max power of AirGridM2/AirGridM5 products is 20dBm not 19dBm
– GUI fix: Make VLAN network settings in Bridge mode as separate option
– GUI fix: Reset to defaults redirects to incorrect IP address in SOHO Router mode
– GUI fix: Pop-up windows are not closed on “save” action if parent tab is changed #1668
– GUI fix: Reports two LAN ports on Main page for when device has only one
– GUI fix: When DNS proxy is disabled, take DNS from WAN and fill DNS fields for DHCP server automatically
– GUI fix: DHCP client info is not updated after Renew
– GUI fix: Read-only user permission/redirect issue
– GUI fix: In SOHO Router mode throughput graphic for LAN does not include traffic that goes only on WLAN interface
– GUI fix: Change AirMax priority returns incorrect Warning message
– GUI fix: ACK distance reporting issue in Station Details and AP information
– GUI fix: “Source IP/mask” field in port forwarding should allow 18 characters
– GUI fix: FW upgrade “Close Window” button is not functional if Parent Window is closed
– GUI fix: Misbehavior with Obey Regulatory Rules
– GUI fix: Password field and “Show” checkbox wraps
– GUI fix: Add Antenna model selection for NanoBridge M5 (22 dBi antenna (NBM5-22) and 25 dBi antenna (NBM5-25))
– GUI fix: IP aliasing is not correct in SOHO Router mode
– GUI fix: Output Power slider position when min value is selected

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