Ubiquiti è pronta a rilasciare la versione 5.3.2 del suo firmware

Ubiquiti, nota produttrice di dispositivi professionali wireless, è ormai pronta a rilasciare la versione 5.3.2 del suo Firmware che introdurrà principalmente delle migliorie di stabilità del sistema e qualche bugfixed.

Vi anticipo il ChangeLog di questo nuovo firmware, invece non appena sarà possibile effettuare il download vi informerò con un apposito articolo.

  • Completely remove non 5.7-5.8GHz frequencies for US and Canada
  • Return channel shifting for M900 and M365 products
  • WPA/WPA2-TKIP security stability improvements in noisy environments
  • Improved CCQ calculation
  • Solved connectivity issues for some mobile devices
  • PPPoE authentication doesn’t work through STA-Bridge with some routers
  • Send gratuitous ARP reply on bridge MAC changes (i.e. when starting AirView)
  • Speed test and traffic shaping issue
  • Multicast routing doesn’t work in SOHO-Router mode
  • WEB UI: Auto Adjust to EIRP Limit replaces Remove Obey Regulatory Rules
  • WEB UI: Device discovery setting moved from UBNT to Services page
  • WEB UI: Invalid connection time reporting for connected Stations
  • WEB UI: Site Survey doesn’t always return scan results
  • WEB UI: Strange values in throughput graphs on IE9 browser
  • WEB UI: Report allowed port range when configuring system services
  • AirControl: Incorrect WLAN connection count reporting
  • AirControl: Invalid wlanUptime reporting
  • AirMax: performance improvements
  • Major Fix: Possible memory corruption fix
  • GUI: Site Survey doesn’t return scan results in 10MHz mode
  • GUI: Hide “Auto Adjust to EIRP Limit” checkbox for compliance test country code
  • GUI: Disabling “Enable Installer EIRP Control” option, when “Auto Adjust to EIRP Limit” isn’t enabled, allows to apply settings without any real changes
  • GUI: Change warning message, when turning off “Installer EIRP Control”
  • GUI: Under IE Stations list table header text should not be wrapped

Personalmente sto già testando questa versione Firmware da alcuni giorni senza notare alcuna problematica pertanto spero che venga resa pubblica quanto prima.

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