Ubiquiti AirOS V5.2.1 Beta

Ubiquiti ha rilasciato la versione 5.2.1  Beta del sui AirOS nella relase Beta1 e Beta2 delle quali vi proponiamo i changelog deopo il salto.

E’ possibile scaricare la beta nel forum ufficiale.

v5.2.1-Beta2 Changelog:

– Show static routes in Main page, when operating in Bridge mode
– Station list is empty on IE browser
– Sometimes after AP reboot or FW upgrade, station cannot associate to AP anymore (security ON)

V5.2.1-Beta Changelog:

– Multicast enhancement on AP problems for multicast traffic (RSTP/OSPF doesn’t pass wireless link)
– Multicast traffic floods entire office network
– Multicast packets in AP WDS – AP WDS setup are transmitted with 3 addresses
– IGMP proxy improvements
– CCR: Increase maximum allowed DHCP server lease time to 48h
– CCR: Allow more than 128 associations with security off
– AirControl Agent: Restore console reporting after wireless association is restored
– AirControl Agent: Report association time
– AirControl Agent: Odd behaviour with discovery response

MAJOR fixes:

– Wireless stability fixes
– WPA group key handshake failure
– AP is using the lowest TX rate (6Mbps), when communicating to legacy Stations and using WEP/WPA-TKIP/WPA2-TKIP security
– Incorrect data rates when operating in AP-WDS/AP-WDS and HT40 mode
– Incorrect frame type or subtype received from unauthenticated station (6)
– PPPoE client isn’t restoring session after lost wireless link connection
– “MAC Address” change in Station-Router mode results WPA failure
– Devices behind STA-WDS in PtMP network, sometimes becomes unreachable
– Fix: SNMP: Report correct IF-MIB interface speed OID values
– Updated Australia regulatory rules according ACMA
– AP scans only upper or lower channels in HT40 mode
– AP(WDS) HT40 can connect AP(WDS) HT20
– GUI improvements

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