Ubiquiti, importante produttore di prodotti Wireless professionali, ha recentemente rilasciato la versione 5.5.1 del suo sistema operativo airOS, il nuovo OS è compatibile con tutti i prodotti della linea airMax e percepisce le seguenti migliorie.

AirOS V Firmware Revision History
Supported products

  * Bullet M, Titanium
  * Rocket M, Titanium
  * NanoStation M
  * AirGrid M / AirGrid HP M
  * NanoBridge M
  * PowerBridge M
  * PicoStation M
  * NanoStation Loco M
  * AirRouter
  * PowerAP N
  * Rocket M365
  * Rocket M900
  * NanoStation M365
  * NanoStation Loco M900
  * NanoStation M900
  * NanoBridge M365
  * NanoBridge M900
  * NanoBridge M3
  * PowerBridge M10
  * NanoStation M6

Version 5.5.1-Service Release (July 26, 2012)
New product support:
- New: Rocket M2 Titanium
- New: Rocket M5 Titanium
- New: NanoStation M6

Regional Updates:
- New: Enable DFS frequencies for US/Puerto Rico/ Canada for NanoStationM5/Loco M5/Rocket M5/Rocket M5 GPS/NanoBridge M5 models
- New: Lock Indonesia country code: once selected at Login page do not allow to change country unless reset to defaults 
- Fix: Remove DFS enable/disable option for EU, turn DFS ON after upgrade
- Fix: Regulatory rules update for India 2.4GHz band
- Fix: Move Puerto Rico under US regulatory domain

- Fix: AirMax: When one of the clients reboot all others are disconnected from AP
- Fix: AirMax: Unexpected device reboots on high load/PTMP (possible fix) 
- Fix: Traffic shaping ingress rules on LAN port in some cases block Internet traffic
- Fix: Traffic shaping bursting is increased to the maximum allowed value according to configured throughput limits
- Fix: Association to non-broadcasting SSID CISCO AP takes couple minutes
- Fix: Complex AP-repeater setup creates loop in this network
- Fix: Increase Password attribute length to 18 when sending empty password to RADIUS server
- Fix: Auto Channel selection logic improvement
- Fix: DFS: Allow UNII-2 band for Canada w/o unlock key for approved product models
- Fix: Traffic Shaper rules changes during upgrade from v5.3.5
- Fix: PPPoE stops sending PPPoE Discovery packets on time change
- Fix: NBM3/NBM365 should support 2 Ethernet ports but shows only 1.
- Fix: Aggregated transmission problems with some Apple laptops and other devices
- Fix: Clients can't reconnect to AP with WPA2-AES security reason (15)
- Fix: After upgrade from v5.3.5 to v5.5 secondary Ethernet port isn't configured (running default configuration)
- Fix: Stations disassociation because of returned broadcast packets on Ethernet interface
- Fix: Second LAN port MTU max is 2024B not 1614B (affected all M series products)
- Fix: No Internet connection for clients behind device in router mode
- Fix: Access Point ignores Session-Timeout limit received from RADIUS server
- Fix: Reduce false positives and misclassifications of invalid DFS radar events
- Fix: Can't launch Airview when initial window disabled
- Fix: Making changes in Network tab resets MTU to 1500 when Management VLAN is enabled
- Fix: Incorrect ebtables VLAN drop rules
- Fix: Do not allow to upload Configuration file from different Regulatory domain 
- Fix: Port Forwarding public port range issue
- Fix: After UNII2 band unlock, any changes made afterwards are lost when the device does get power cycled

- WEB UI: Show DFS status in MAIN page
- WEB UI: airSync: Show correct default slots depending on channel size
- WEB UI: Static route disappears in Router mode
- WEB UI: Option to disable Multicast Enhancement for AP
- WEB UI: Improved IP address validation
- WEB UI: Don't enable "DMZ Management Ports" when DMZ is enabled (Router/SOHO Router)
- WEB UI: Bridge table display problem. Table too big
- WEB UI: Do not show graph for interface when it is not in use
- WEB UI: Don't report TOUGHSwitch/airCam WLAN mode in device discovery results
- WEB UI: Add Turkish language support
- WEB UI: In Simple configuration mode LAN should be BRIDGE0 containing both Ethernet interfaces
- WEB UI: Show the same antenna information in MAIN page as in Wireless settings page drop down
- WEB UI: Site Survey Scan button is disabled under IE browser
- WEB UI: Allow MAC Cloning for BRIDGE interface in Router mode
- WEB UI: Bridge table is not displayed in Main page when there are multiple bridge

Security Improvements:
- WEB UI: Default settings change: Enable HTTPS (port 443) by default
- WEB UI: Removed admin.cgi functionality
- WEB UI: Add option to disable HTTP service
- WEB UI: Add reminder when using default admin user name/ password

È possibile scaricare il nuovo Firmware attraverso il sito internet ufficiale del produttore.