THC-IPV6 ToolKit – La Suite di Attacco al Protocollo IPv6

THC-IPV6 è un set completo di strumenti in grado di attaccare le debolezze intrinseche del protocollo IPv6 e ICMP6, tale tool nato nel 2007 in relase privata ha raggiunto a Giugno 2010 la versione 1.1 ed è stata ufficializzata dai propri creatori.

Vi sono principalmente due limiti tecnici in quanto viene richiesto Linux 2.6 ed un sistema a 32Bit.

E’ possibile scaricare il tool THC-ipv6-1.2.tar.gz  qui per chi invece fosse interessato a maggiori informazioni può visitare il sito internet del progetto qui.

Dopo il salto tutte le caratteristiche del Tool Kit…

  • parasite6: icmp neighbor solitication/advertisement spoofer, puts you as man-in-the-middle, same as ARP mitm (and parasite)
  • alive6: an effective alive scanng, which will detect all systems listening to this address
  • dnsdict6: parallized dns ipv6 dictionary bruteforcer
  • fake_router6: announce yourself as a router on the network, with the highest priority
  • redir6: redirect traffic to you intelligently (man-in-the-middle) with a clever icmp6 redirect spoofer
  • toobig6: mtu decreaser with the same intelligence as redir6
  • detect-new-ip6: detect new ip6 devices which join the network, you can run a script to automatically scan these systems etc.
  • dos-new-ip6: detect new ip6 devices and tell them that their chosen IP collides on the network (DOS).
  • trace6: very fast traceroute6 with supports ICMP6 echo request and TCP-SYN
  • flood_router6: flood a target with random router advertisements
  • flood_advertise6: flood a target with random neighbor advertisements
  • fuzz_ip6: fuzzer for ipv6
  • implementation6: performs various implementation checks on ipv6
  • implementation6d: listen daemon for implementation6 to check behind a FW
  • fake_mld6: announce yourself in a multicast group of your choice on the net
  • fake_mipv6: steal a mobile IP to yours if IPSEC is not needed for authentication
  • fake_advertiser6: announce yourself on the network
  • smurf6: local smurfer
  • rsmurf6: remote smurfer, known to work only against linux at the moment
  • sendpees6: a tool by [email protected], which generates a neighbor solicitation requests with a lot of CGAs (crypto stuff 😉 to keep the CPU busy. nice.

Via | DarkNet

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