Rilasciata la versione 0.8.3 di WepCrackGUI

Criser ha recentemente rilasciato la versione 0.8.3 del suo software WepCrackGui , introducendo la compatibilità con crunch (Password Cracking Wordlist Generator) e l’ultima relase di Ubuntu 10.10 oltre a notevoli bug fixed.

L’ultima relase è possibile scaricarla su sourceforge e vi anticipiamo che a breve arriverà la versione 0.8.4 con l’integrazione completa della lingua Italiana, dopo il salto il change log ufficiale…

This is version 0.8.3, which adds a lot of new features and
performance optimizations.

These are the most notable changes:

Essid discovery:
– Added new configuration options for mdk3.
It is now possible to configure:
– The directory where mdk3 is installed
– The maximum packets/s to sent
– The charset to use in bruteforce mode
– Added a progress bar
– Shows estimated time remaining

Wpa cracking:
– You can now choose between wordlist and crunch mode for
WPA/WPA2 cracking. Crunch can generate passphrases on the fly
and is fully configurable in the preferences dialog.
You will have to install crunch before using it. Get it from here:

– WPA bruteforce/Crunch and WEP dictionary attacks now all show
a progress bar and the estimated time remaining.
– A selected capture file is now persistent through restarts
– If a found key is not 100% decrypted, cracking is continued

Preferences dialog:
– New tab design to make it more clear.

– Added new symbol to indicate an error in the corresponding tab
– Tooltip on the error icon for each tab shows a short error message
– The Gui is now correctly resized when expanders are expanded/un-expanded
– Overall performance optimizations

– Fixed crash on some configurations when starting programs
– Faked stations from injection test are no more displayed in
station views
– Fixed keys/s display for cracking
– Fixed Iwlist scan to go from ~50% cpu down to ~10%
– Fixed Airodump scan to go from ~60% cpu down to ~15%
– Iwlist scan now shows correct length of hidded Essids
– Fixed essid discovery for essid’s containing spaces
– Iwlist scanning will no longer be stopped after a key has been found
– If enabling of monitor mode takes a long time, this will be displayed
– Fixed name of scan method from Aireplay to Airodump
– Fixed warning on first start about resizing window <= 0 - Fix crash in Essid discovery when essid length is 1 Note: Newer wireless drivers ( especially on Ubuntu 10.10 ) seem to have problems with aireplay. This is the case if you see a message like this: "mon0 is on channel -1, but the AP uses channel
WepCrackGui detects this error. Only WpaSupplicant authentication and
the broadcast attack wil work in this condition.
For more information on how to patch your drivers see here:

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