E’ stata da pochi giorni rilasciata la versione 1.4 di PenTBox, la security suite multi piattaforma in grado di poter effettuare diversi tipi di analisi sulle reti o sui software.

E’ possibile scaricare l’ultima versione della suite sul sito ufficiale oppure dopo il salto troverete il change log completo, infine vi segnaliamola nostra guida all’utilizzo.

Version 1.4


– Code adapted to work with ruby1.9.x and jruby (more performance, native threads …).
– Optimized TCP port scanner, and ping check before scan.
– Optimized hash_cracker.rb
– Renewed interface with colors (only unix-like) and improvements.

– Included RIPEMD-160 to Hash Password Cracker and Multi-Digest.
– Added native mode in SYN DoS that uses Raw Sockets.
– Added a new mode in the fuzzer -> HTTP headers client fuzzing.
– Added protected mode -> Only root can use DoS tools, excellent for installations in servers.
– Added a simple configuration in pentbox.rb for interface colors and protected mode.

– Unified syn_dos.rb and tcp_dos.rb in one, net_dos.rb
– Included pentbox-wlist.txt, that can be used with hash_cracker.rb
– New libraries bit-struct, net/dns.rb and racket.
– dns_search.rb included -> DNS and host gathering with NS, MX, SHODAN, A bruteforce and PTR IP range.

– tcp_dos_auto.rb excluded – To prevent from evil script-kiddies.
– fileencr.rb excluded – Crypto libraries was difficult to adapt, and the module was very slow. You can use openssl that is so much better and faster.
– sec_im.rb excluded – It wasn’t used and not pentesting related.

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