Another my passion is the electronics, passion rediscovered after five years of ITIS (specialization in Electronics and Telecommunications) thanks to Arduino.
In the last year and a half, I received the visit of thieves four times in my shop. The first two times they stole material and have done damage, fortunately no digital data is lost.

After the first two theft, I decided to implement the existing anti-theft with perimeter security sensors controlled by Arduino. The operation is very simple, if a thief in the night approaching to the showcases the perimeter sensors detect it and is triggered Arduino.

In case of alarm Arduino has two tasks, verify that is night (during the day could be a customer and not a thief) and check that it is not a false alarm (ie. Animals). If it is a real alarm, Arduino will trigger the siren, activates the dialer that calls the police and turn on the lights inside the store.

Why do I access the lights? Why is a shop in the street and the lights on at night attract attention and maybe they do escape the thieves.

The fight against crime is difficult, and Italian politics does not seem to have the iron fist vs the thieves! We have to do it yourself, there will be better ways, but for now I have to thank Arduino!

PS It’s nice to receive criticism and compliments from all of you, I know that my English is not perfect but I want to learn! And this is a good system.