AirCrack-NG si Aggiorna alla Versione 1.1

Il 25 Aprile 2010 è stata rilasciata la Suite 1.1 di AirCrack-NG che riceve notevoli fix di stabilità e qualche nuova funzione.

Vi ricordiamo che è possibile scaricare la suite AirCrack-NG al seguente link e dopo il salto trovate il ChangeLog.


– airdrop-ng: New tool by TheX1le.
– airodump-ng, aircrack-ng, airdecap-ng, airbase-ng: Fixed buffer overflow in airodump-ng due to forged eapol frame.
– aircrack-ng: Fixed multicast detection (WPA handshake detection).
– airodump-ng: Added interaction (see wiki for the commands).
– airodump-ng: Fixed client time in netxml file.
– airtun-ng: Add WDS and bridge support.
– airbase-ng: automatically set privacy bit to 1 if WPA or WPA2 is used (-Z or -z option).
– airmon-ng: Updated iw URL for v0.9.19.
– airdriver-ng: Fixed link for madwifi-ng.
– aireplay-ng: Chopchop enhancement to not stop but wait on deauth packets.
– tkiptun-ng: Fixed segfault.
– wesside-ng: Fixed compilation bug with recent version of gcc.
– cygwin: Compiling sqlite isn’t necessary anymore, libsqlite3-devel package can be used.
– osdep: Strict aliasing and x86_64 fix.
– osdep: Add tap support for Darwin/OS X. Still require tuntaposx from sourceforge to work.
– All: Fixed compilation on cygwin 1.7.
– All: Fixed compilation on recent version of OSX.
– manpages: Fixed aireplay-ng manpage for attack 0: not disassociation packets, deauth packets.
– manpages: Added the keys for interaction in airodump-ng.
– patches: Added regulatory domains override patches for atheros drivers (ath5k, ath9k and ar9170).
– patches: Added 2.6.32 patch for r8187 driver (ieee80211).
– Makefiles: Fixed make uninstall.

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